Table 1

Maternal blood, CVS, and TCC samples tested by QF-PCR with X22 and other STR markers. All the mixed (fetal + maternal) clumps have skewed fluorescent peak ratios between the STRs alleles

Sample AMXY X22 HPRT D21S1411 D13S634 D18S386 Comments
H W (mat blood)XX223284282474-488352-376
TCC clumps 1,2,5,6XX223284282474-488352-376All maternal
TCC clumps 3,4XX218-223276-284282474-482-488350-352-376Fetal + maternal
HTCC clump 7XX218-223276-284282474-482350-376Fetal
P G (mat blood)XX228-233284290-298478-482372
TCC clumps 1,3XX228-233284290-298478-482372Maternal
TCC clump 2XX203-228-223284-288290-298466-478372-376Fetal + maternal
TCC clump 4XX203-228284-288290466-478372-376Fetal