Table 1

Mapped loci for human congenital non-syndromic cataract with no candidate gene. Evidence for linkage to each locus is based upon the publication of single family data

Phenotype Locus Inheritance OMIM No Reference
Volkmann (pulverulent)1p36Autosomal dominant115665 67
Posterior polar1p36Autosomal dominant116600 25
Anterior polar14q24Translocation115650 24
Unknown16p13.3Translocation156850 60
Marner16q22.1Autosomal dominant116800 57
Posterior polar16q22.1Autosomal dominant116800 57
Anterior polar17p13Autosomal dominant601202 26
Zonular-sutural (lamellar)17q11-12Autosomal dominant600881 55
Cerulean17q24Autosomal dominant115660 58
UnknownI blood group locusAutosomal recessive212500 68
Sutural (lamellar)Xpter-XqterX linked recessive302200 69
(possibly synonymous with Nance-Horan syndrome)(the recognition of various deletions probably refine the region to Xp22.3-21.138 70)