Table 1

Presence or absence of angiomyolipomas in patient, and source of DNA for mutational analysis

Patient Angiomyolipoma(s) present? DNA source
421+Peripheral blood lymphocytes
422Lymphoblastoid cell line
476Peripheral blood lymphocytes
478Peripheral blood lymphocytes
480+Lymphoblastoid cell line
481+Lymphoblastoid cell line
489+Lymphoblastoid cell line
491+Lymphoblastoid cell line
492+Lymphoblastoid cell line
494+Lymphoblastoid cell line
496+Lymphoblastoid cell line
505+Lymphoblastoid cell line
537Cultured lung cells
538+Cultured lung cells
539Cultured lung cells
540+Cultured lung cells
541Cultured lung cells
542Cultured lung cells
543Cultured lung cells
547Cultured lung cells