Table 1

Results of LOH studies at NF1 and flanking polymorphisms in four patients, screened with eight intragenic and five extragenic markers. Black circles denote undeleted regions, white circles denote LOH, black squares denote uninformative loci, and ND denotes samples that would not PCR for that particular marker

TumourMarkerMarker reference
NF1- E5 RFLP (exon 5)18
NF1- exon 1319
NF1- EV120 (intron 27b)20
NF1- 24.8 (intron 27b)21
NF1- 28.4 (intron 27b)21
NF1- 53.0 (intron 38)22
NF1- RsaI RFLP (intron 39)23
NF1- PacI RFLP (intron 41)24
3′ C325
D17S250 (mfd 15)27