Table 1

Clinical features of 32 cases of trisomy 20p1-150

Fraction Percentage Our case
Gestation21/25 (21=term)Term
Birth weight (g)1800–43002500
Growth normal15/2171+
Mental retardation29/31 (moderate/severe)94+ (moderate)
Poor coordination18/1995+
Language delay21/2295+
Occipital flattening11/2250
Low posterior hairline3/475
Coarse hair14/1878+
Thick, arched eyebrows2/2100+
Increased inner canthal distance11/2152
Upward slanting palpebral fissures19/2966+
Round face, prominent cheeks24/2983
Short, upturned nose17/3057
Large flared nostrils16/3053+
Large/abnormal ears11/11100+
Moderate microganthia16/2273+
High arched/cleft palate8/1173+
Short neck5/5100
Cardiac anomalies10/2836
Renal anomalies6/875+
Vertebral anomalies17/2181+
Hip/pelvis anomalies6/6100+
Digital anomalies12/1392
Feet anomalies14/1593
Dental anomalies13/1968
Umbilical/inguinal hernia6/786+
  • + : present, − : absent.

  • 1-150 Taken from 32 cases described.1-6 8–10