Table 3

Mean colony counts and size for phosphatase inactive PTEN, mutant PTEN, and wild type PTEN constructs transfected into PTEN null breast cancer cell lines

Transfected PTEN constructsMean colony counts (SD)Colony size
Cell line BT-5493-150Cell line MDA-MB-4683-150Cell line
Cell line MDA-MB-468
Vector only (control)275 (22.7)3-151 97.7 (10.9)3-151 LargeLarge
PTEN mutant C124S (phosphatase inactive)278.3 (5.6)3-151 85 (9.3)3-151 LargeLarge
PTEN mutant V119L (M1)185 (9.3)3-151 10.3 (4.4)IntermediateSmall
PTEN mutant V158L (M2)195 (10.7)3-151 11.7 (2.4)IntermediateSmall
Wild type PTEN61.7 (2.9)6.7 (2.9)SmallSmall
  • 3-150 Breast cancer PTEN null cell line.

  • 3-151 Statistically significant compared to wild type PTEN (p<0.001).