Table 2

Summary of PTEN variants in women with multiple primary tumours

Sample Mutation Amino acid change Cancer diagnosis Family history2-150
1158 GTA→CTA158 Val→LeuInvasive ductal breast cancerNone
Lower genital tract cancer
2158 GTA→CTA158 Val→LeuLymphomaColon cancer
130 CGA→CGC130 Arg→ArgInvasive breast cancer
Invasive breast cancer
3119 GTT→CTT119 Val→LeuEndometrial cancerNone
Bilateral ovarian cancer
4119 GTT→CTT119 Val→LeuLung adenocarcinomaNone
Invasive ductal breast cancer
5119 GTT→CTT119 Val→LeuInvasive ductal breast cancerProstate
Endometrial cancer
  • 2-150 Family history cancer of female breast, colon, prostate, endometrial, ovarian, or melanoma.