Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of cases with invasive cancers at more than one anatomical site and controls

Cases (n=103) Controls (n=115)
Family history
 Any cancer among 1st degree relative61.2%55.7%
 Breast cancer
 Colon cancer
Mean age at diagnosis of first cancer55.5 y
Mean age at diagnosis of second cancer60.7 y
Percentage of all women
 Breast70.8% (73)
 Endometrial35.0% (36)
 Colon27.0% (28)
 Melanoma13.5% (14)
 Ovarian8.7% (9)
Combinations of cancers
 Breast and endometrial16% (17)
 Breast and colon12% (13)
 Breast and melanoma8.5% (9)
 Colon and endometrial7.7% (8)
 Lung and breast5.8% (6)
 Breast and ovarian4.8% (5)
 Endometrial and ovarian3.9% (4)
 Melanoma and colon1.9% (2)