Table 1

Results obtained by microsatellite analysis

Primer Locus cM Alleles
D18S1104 18p11.1q11.2 52.8 a b,bd,ac
D18S1111 18q21.1q21.1 67.09 ab,ac,bb
D18S455 18q21.1q21.1 68.6 ab,aa,bb
D18S473 18q21.1q21.1 71.42 ab,ab,bb
D18S474 18q21.1q21.1 71.3 cd,bc,ad
  • The alleles are given in the order patient, mother, father. The markers showing intenser maternal alleles in the patient are given in italics and the intenser alleles themselves in bold.

  • Allele designations (a to d) are arbitrary. Genetic mapping according to the sex averaged linkage map by the Genetic Location Database (LDB).