Table 6

Comparison of attendees and non-attendees on psychosocial variables

VariableAttendees (n=75)Non-attendees (n=62)
No% of groupNo% of group
Perceived importance of clinic visit6-150
 Not at all important11610
 Of little importance4558
 Somewhat important162123
 Very important46622743
Perceived severity of genetic condition
 Not at all serious8111118
 Of little severity14191321
 Somewhat serious12161423
 Very serious22301830
Perceived risk of genetic condition
 Very low16211932
 Somewhat low13171118
 Somewhat high1115712
 Very high9121118
Perceived benefits of clinic visit6-150
 No benefits11712
 Few benefits4547
 Some benefits14191322
 Many benefits46622542
Perceived importance of disadvantages of clinic visit6-150
 Not at all important56743052
 Of little importance6858
 Somewhat important2335
 Very important341221
  • 6-150 p<0.01.