Table 4

Comparison of attendees and non-attendees on referral/genetic service variables

VariableAttendees (n=75)Non-attendees (n=62)
No% of groupNo% of group
Reason for referral to genetics
 Prenatal diagnosis39523150
 Carrier testing/risk information12161118
 Diagnostic evaluation24321829
How well was reason explained?4-150
 Very poorly0012
 Very well33582347
How well did you understand the reason?4-150
 Not at all0023
 Very well48773565
Referred at own request
How strongly referring physician recommended the genetics appointment4-150
 Not strongly58713
 Somewhat strongly20302240
 Quite strongly1523916
 Very strongly25381629
 Recommended against1112
  • 4-150 Numbers are smaller for these variables owing to missing data.