Table 1

Anthropometric measurements used in this study

Head widtheu-eueurion to eurion
Skull base widtht-ttragion to tragion
Minimum frontal widthmf-mffrontotemporale to frontotemporale
Upper facial widthzy-zyzygion to zygion
Lower facial widthgo-gogonion to gonion
Head lengthg-opglabella to opisthocranion
Upper facial deptht-ntragion to nasion
Midfacial deptht-sntragion to subnasale
Lower facial deptht-gntragion to gnathion
Nasal protrusionsn-prnsubnasale to pronasale
Total facial heightn-gnnasion to gnathion
Upper facial heightn-snnasion to subnasale
Nasal widthal-alalare to alare
Mouth widthch-chcheilion to cheilion
Inner canthal distanceen-enendocanthion to endocanthion
Outer canthal distanceex-exexocanthion to exocanthion
Ear widthpra-papreaurale to postaurale
Ear lengthsa-sbasuperaurale to subaurale
Maxillary arct-sn-ttragion to subnasale to tragion
Mandibular arct-gn-ttragion to gnathion to tragion
Head circumferenceOFCmaximum circumference in horizontal plane at level of glabella and opisthocranion