Table 1

Chromosome abnormalities in lymphocytes of our patient; 87 metaphases were analysed

Without RxAfter Rx1-150
(1 Gy/Go)
Normal metaphases29 (76%)22(45%)
Abnormal metaphases 9 (24%)1-151 27 (55%)1-151
Rearrangement/abnormal cell1.442.74
  • 1-150 Structural rearrangements (chromosome break, inversion, translocation, dicentric, triradius, unidentified marker, small acentric chromosomal fragment, ring, deletion).

  • Four clones showed rearrangements involving chromosome 7: t(X;7)(p11.2;q11.2), inv(7)(p22;q11.2), del(7)(p22), t(3;7)(p 13;q22).

  • 1-151 For this dose in normal cells abnormal metaphases are less than 5% (only break and gap).