Table 5

Multiple regression analyses with pre-test depression and anxiety as dependent variables and with perceived risk, subjective proximity to the disease, and their interaction as independent variables (n=60)

VariablesPre-test depressionPre-test anxiety
F (type I SS)R2FF (type I SS)R2F
Perceived risk (PR)12.53*** 1.52
Subjective proximity (SP)32.30*** 0.38*** F(2, 59)=17.7811.73** 0.175-150 F(2, 59)=6.00
PR × SP (interaction)15.85*** 0.52*** F(3, 59)=20.236.965-150 0.27** F(3, 59)=6.74
  • 5-150 p<0.05. **p<0.01. ***p<0.001.