Table 4

Mean scores on the pre- and the post-test psychometric tests for the group with the Test participant's Age at the Parental Onset of HD (TAPO) ⩽5 years versus TAPO >5 years and statistical significance of the differences between the two groups (one tailed t test)

Tests TAPO ⩽5 years (n=16) Mean (SD) TAPO >5 years (n=53) Mean (SD) p value
 Ego strength51.9 (12.7)59.8 (9.1)<0.01
 General anxiety42.2 (13.1)36.0 (7.9)<0.05
 Depression9.4 (10.4)4.1 (4.0)<0.05
 Ego strength55.4 (10.4)59.5 (11.4)0.10
 General anxiety37.7 (13.4)34.8 (8.1)0.21
 Depression5.3 (7.4)3.4 (4.9)0.17