Table 1

Markers used to exclude the other known ADRP loci and lod scores obtained. All lod scores exclude a locus close to the marker tested in this family and each of the markers tested is within 3 cM of the candidate ADRP locus. Marker D7S514, which gives the weakest exclusion, lies within the 5 cM interval for the RP10 locus

LocusMarkerLod scores
RP18 D1S498-∞-4.81-2.55-1.56-0.65-0.24-006
RHO ACPP-∞-4.99-2.82-1.88-0.98-0.51-0.20
RP9 D7S460-∞-6.32-3.59-2.46-1.38-0.76-0.32
RP10 D7S514-∞-1.12-0.50-0.28-0.12-0.06-0.02
RP13 D17S831-∞-4.72-2.49-1.53-0.65-0.24-0.05
RP17 D17S807-∞-3.26-1.30-0.57-
RP11 D19S572-∞-4.04-1.88-0.98-