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Short report
Recurrent BRCA2 exon 3 deletion in Assyrian families


We identified six patients from five families with a recurrent mutation: NM_000059.3 (BRCA2) exon 3 deletion. All families self-identified as Assyrian. Assyrians are an ethnoreligious population of ancient Mesopotamia, now mostly living in modern day Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. They are historically a socially isolated population with intermarriage within their community, living as a religious and language minority in mostly Muslim countries. The probands of each family presented with a classic BRCA2-associated cancer including early-onset breast cancer, epithelial serous ovarian cancer, male breast cancer and/or high-grade prostate cancer, and family history that was also significant for BRCA2-associated cancer. BRCA2 exon 3 deletion is classified as pathogenic and has been previously described in the literature, but it has not been described as a founder mutation in a particular population. We characterise this recurrent BRCA2 pathogenic variant in five Assyrian families in a single centre cohort.

  • Genetics
  • Founder Effect

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