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Cargos and genes: insights into vesicular transport from inherited human disease
  1. Paul Gissen (p.gissen{at}
  1. University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
    1. Eamonn R Maher (e.r.maher{at}
    1. University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


      Many cellular functions depend on the correct delivery of proteins to specific intracellular destinations. Mutations that alter protein structure and disrupt trafficking of the protein ("the cargo") occur in many genetic disorders. In addition, an increasing number of disorders have been linked to mutations in the genes encoding components of the vesicular transport machinery responsible for normal protein trafficking. We review the clinical phenotypes and molecular pathology of such inherited "protein trafficking disorders" that provide seminal insights into the molecular mechanisms of protein trafficking. Further characterisation of this expanding group of disorders will provide a basis for developing novel diagnostic techniques and therapeutic strategies and offer insights into the molecular pathology of common multifactorial diseases that have been linked to disordered trafficking mechanisms.

      • : Inherited trafficking disorders
      • intracellular protein trafficking
      • vesicular trafficking

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