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Correction: FOXP1-related intellectual disability syndrome: a recognisable entity

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Meerschaut I, Rochefort D, Revençu N, et al. FOXP1-related intellectual disability syndrome: a recognisable entity. Journal of Medical Genetics 2017;54:613–623.

In the original article, the authors noted four mutation annotation errors in figure 1B and supplementary table 1. Correction of the mistakes in the annotations have no impact on the results and conclusions of this article. The authors apologise for all possible inconveniences due to these errors.

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The corrected annotations are as follows:

  • In patient 5 the correct c. and p. notations for the mutation are c.858delC and p.(R288Gfs*37), instead of c.858delC and p.(P286fs*38)

  • In patient 17 the correct c. and p. notations for the mutation are c.1462delCinsAACAC and p.(L488Nfs*4), instead of c.1468delCinsAACAC and p.(L490Nfs*4)

  • In patient 21 the correct c. and p. notations for the mutation are c.1556_1560delTTCAC and p.(L519Qfs*10), instead of c.1556_1560delTTCAC and p.(L519Qfs*12)

  • For the patient reported in O’Roak et al the correct c. and p. notations for the mutation are c.1014_1015insA and p.(A339Sfs*4), instead of c.1015_1016insT and p.(A339Sfs*4)

These mistakes were corrected in figure 1B and the online supplementary table 1.

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