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April 2017 - Volume 54 - 4

Genotype-phenotype correlations

Cancer genetics

Developmental defects

  • Original article: Diagnostic value of exome and whole genome sequencing in craniosynostosis (24 November, 2016)
    Kerry A Miller, Stephen R F Twigg, Simon J McGowan, Julie M Phipps, Aimée L Fenwick, David Johnson, Steven A Wall, Peter Noons, Katie E M Rees, Elizabeth A Tidey, Judith Craft, John Taylor, Jenny C Taylor, Jacqueline A C Goos, Sigrid M A Swagemakers, Irene M J Mathijssen, Peter J van der Spek, Helen Lord, Tracy Lester, Noina Abid, Deirdre Cilliers, Jane A Hurst, Jenny E V Morton, Elizabeth Sweeney, Astrid Weber, Louise C Wilson, Andrew O M Wilkie

New loci