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Genomic variations integrated database for MUTYH-associated adenomatous polyposis
  1. Philippe Grandval1,2,
  2. Aurélie J Fabre1,2,
  3. Pascaline Gaildrat3,
  4. Stéphanie Baert-Desurmont4,
  5. Martine Blayau5,
  6. Marie-Pierre Buisine6,
  7. Florence Coulet7,
  8. Christine Maugard8,
  9. Stéphane Pinson9,
  10. Audrey Remenieras10,
  11. Etienne Rouleau11,
  12. Nancy Uhrhammer12,
  13. Christophe Beroud1,2,13,
  14. Sylviane Olschwang1,2,14,15
  1. 1INSERM UMR_S910, Marseille, France
  2. 2Departments of medical Genetics and Gastroenterology, AP-HM La Timone, Marseille, France
  3. 3GCMN UMR_S1079, Rouen, France
  4. 4Medical Genetics Department, Charles Nicolle Hospital, Rouen, France
  5. 5Medical Genetics Department, CHU Pontchaillou, Rennes, France
  6. 6Medical Genetics Department, CHRU Claude Huriez, Lille, France
  7. 7Medical Genetics Department, AP-HP Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris, France
  8. 8Medical Genetics Department, Hospices Civils, Strasbourg, France
  9. 9Medical Genetics Department, Edouard Herriot Hospital, Lyon, France
  10. 10Medical Genetics Department, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille, France
  11. 11Medical Genetics Department, Institut Curie, Paris, France
  12. 12Medical Genetics Department, Centre Jean Perrin, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  13. 13Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France
  14. 14Gastroenterology Department, European Hospital, Marseille, France
  15. 15Oncology Department, Clairval Hospital, Marseille, France The first two authors contributed equally to this work.
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sylviane Olschwang, Faculté de Médecine, UMR_S910 Aile verte 5e étage, 27 boulevard Jean Moulin, Marseille 13005, France; sylviane.olschwang{at}

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