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Short report
Mutations in DYNC1H1 cause severe intellectual disability with neuronal migration defects


Background DYNC1H1 encodes the heavy chain protein of the cytoplasmic dynein 1 motor protein complex that plays a key role in retrograde axonal transport in neurons. Furthermore, it interacts with the LIS1 gene of which haploinsufficiency causes a severe neuronal migration disorder in humans, known as classical lissencephaly or Miller-Dieker syndrome.

Aim To describe the clinical spectrum and molecular characteristics of DYNC1H1 mutations.

Methods A family based exome sequencing approach was used to identify de novo mutations in patients with severe intellectual disability.

Results In this report the identification of two de novo missense mutations in DYNC1H1 (p.Glu1518Lys and p.His3822Pro) in two patients with severe intellectual disability and variable neuronal migration defects is described.

Conclusion Since an autosomal dominant mutation in DYNC1H1 was previously identified in a family with the axonal (type 2) form of Charcot- Marie-Tooth (CMT2) disease and mutations in Dync1h1 in mice also cause impaired neuronal migration in addition to neuropathy, these data together suggest that mutations in DYNC1H1 can lead to a broad phenotypic spectrum and confirm the importance of DYNC1H1 in both central and peripheral neuronal functions.

  • DYNC1H1
  • intellectual disability
  • neuronal migration disorder
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • genetics
  • microRNA
  • neurosciences
  • chromosomal
  • copy-number
  • molecular genetics
  • microarray
  • metabolic disorders
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • rheumatology
  • renal medicine
  • calcium and bone
  • diagnostics tests
  • genetic screening/counselling
  • visual development
  • clinical genetics
  • academic medicine
  • neuromuscular disease
  • memory disorders
  • hydrocephalus
  • cytogenetics

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