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The c.859G>C variant in the SMN2 gene is associated with types II and III SMA and originates from a common ancestor
  1. S Bernal1,
  2. L Alías1,
  3. M J Barceló1,
  4. E Also-Rallo1,
  5. R Martínez-Hernández1,
  6. J Gámez2,
  7. E Guillén-Navarro3,
  8. J Rosell4,
  9. I Hernando5,
  10. F J Rodríguez-Alvarez6,
  11. S Borrego7,
  12. J M Millán8,
  13. C Hernández-Chico6,
  14. M Baiget1,
  15. P Fuentes-Prior9,
  16. E F Tizzano1
  1. 1Servei de Genètica, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, and CIBERER U-705, Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2Servei de Neurología, Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Unidad de Genética Médica, Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia, Spain
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  8. 8Unidad de Genética, Hospital La Fe, and CIBERER, Valencia, Spain
  9. 9Unitat Bases Moleculars de les Malalties, Research Institute, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain
  1. Correspondence to Eduardo F Tizzano, Genetics, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Sant Antoni Ma. Claret 167, 08025 Barcelona, Spain; etizzano{at}


Homozygous mutations of the telomeric SMN1 gene lead to degeneration of motor neurons causing spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). A highly similar centromeric gene (SMN2) can only partially compensate for SMN1 deficiency. The c.859G>C variant in SMN2 has been recently reported as a positive disease modifier. We identified the variant in 10 unrelated chronic SMA patients with a wide spectrum of phenotypes ranging from type II patients who can only sit to adult walkers. Haplotype analysis strongly suggests that the variant originated from a common ancestor. Our results confirm that the c.859G>C variant is a milder SMN2 allele and predict a direct correlation between SMN activity and phenotypic severity.

  • Clinical genetics
  • molecular genetics
  • neurology
  • motor neurone disease
  • neuromuscular disease

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  • Funding Other funders: GENAME Project, CIBERER Intramural U-705 and FIS08-0729.

  • Competing interests None.

  • Patient consent Obtained.

  • Ethics approval This study was conducted with the approval of the Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Ethics Committee.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed.