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Book review
Genetics for the health sciences: a handbook for clinical healthcare
  1. Nadine Taleb
  1. Correspondence to Dr Nadine Taleb, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Children's Hospital, 4060 Ste-Catherine west, Place Toulon, Room 414, Montreal H3Z 2Z3, Canada; nadine.taleb{at}

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Edited by Heather Skirton, Christine Patch. , 2nd edition, published by Scion Publishing Ltd, 2009, ISBN 978 1 904842 70 5.

Tremendous progress in recent years has shaped the field of medical genetics, which continues to expand to involve almost every aspect of human health. Hence, it is necessary for every healthcare professional to acquire a basic understanding of this science. This is clearly the objective of this well-edited and structured book by Skirton and Patch in its second updated edition. The authors' considerable experience in genetics, through direct clinical practice …

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