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Genetic Disorders of the Indian Subcontinent
  1. Y Yamada

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    Edited by Dhavendra Kumar. the Netherlands: Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004, $231.00 (hardback), pp 626.

    Genetic Disorders of the Indian Subcontinent is a unique book that reviews the human genetics and human genetic disorders of the Indian subcontinent. It is a multiauthor book for which experts were engaged to review the state of research in given fields, and it provides a valuable reference for future studies of the genetic component of various diseases that affect individuals of the Indian subcontinent.

    The book consists of 28 chapters which are organised into three sections. The first six chapters (section A) introduce the human genetics of the Indian subcontinent. Selected genetic disorders are reviewed in the following 18 chapters (section B), while the last four chapters (section C) cover health care and genetic services in this region.

    In section A, the first chapter provides a basic introduction to the geography and people of the Indian subcontinent as well as …

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