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Biallelic BRCA2 mutations are associated with multiple malignancies in childhood including familial Wilms tumour

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  • This research was funded by the Institute of Cancer Research (UK) and by Cancer Research UK.

  • Conflict of interest: none declared.

  • The Familial Wilms Tumour Collaboration includes the following members: Laura Arbour, Catherine Bonaïti-Pellié, Lisa Cannon-Albright, Agnes Chompret, Trevor Cole, Catharina Dhooge, W Dupuis, Annabel Foot, William Foulkes, Hazel Galvin, Mary Gerrard, Astrid Gnekow, Norbert Graf, Derek King, Judith Kingston, Jan Kohler, Gill Levitt, Ian Lewis, Anne O’Meara, F Millot, Barry L Pizer, Helen Price, Pascal Pujol, Brigitte Royer-Pokora, Valerie Schumacher, Charles Schwartz, Rosemary Shannon, Eamonn Sheridan, Jane Skeen, Patricia Tonin, Gordon Vujanic, Angela Weirich, and Denise Williams.