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Human Evolutionary Genetics: Origins, Peoples & Disease
  1. D M Swallow

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    Edited by M A Jobling, M E Hurles, C Tyler-Smith. Garland Science, 2003, £35.00, pp 458. ISBN 9-780815-341857

    With the near completion of the human genome sequence, and the exponential increase in associated information on inter-individual variability, there are enormous opportunities for using these data. Evolutionary geneticists are attempting to understand our origins and revisit the questions of the relative role of selection and drift. For medical geneticists, the search is now on for the genetic causes of complex disease, while forensic science is increasingly exploiting our interindividual differences to solve crimes. All these topics are inextricably linked. This super textbook covers almost everything an undergraduate student in human genetics would need as a basis for any of these areas, …

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