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The authors of the following manuscript Ninis VN, Kýlýnç MO, Kandemir M, Daõlý E, Tolun. High Frequency of T9 and CFTR Mutations in Children with Idiopathic Bronchiectasis. J Med Genet 2003;40:536-6, are retracting it because the polythymidine track genotype data are not correct. Recently the authors repeated the genotyping or 17 of the subjects to check whether the reported genotypes were correct and found out that they were not. At the time of submission of the manuscript, the authors were very confident of the data, since they had employed two independent methods for the genotyping of all subjects. However subsequently the authors were prompted to the recheck Vasiliki N Ninis results and have been unable to confirm them. The authors regret that we did not find out prior to publication.

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