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Genetics for Dermatologists: The Molecular Genetic Basis of Dermatological Disorders
  1. F M Pope

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    Sherri J Bale. (£25, $40.) London: ReMEDICA Publishing. 2000. ISBN 0 901346 10 2

    Published by ReMEDICA of London in 2000, this is a short guide to the molecular genetic basis of dermatological disorders. The book is one of a similar series covering cardiology, haematology, and dermatology, with others planned for endocrinology, oncology, ophthalmology, and rheumatology.

    Printed mostly in double page format, the book is separated into seven subsections, covering disorders of cornification, especially disorders of keratin and related epidermal structural proteins, such as the demogleins, loricrin, etc, most of which Dr Bale has researched. Other sections include various cancer associated disorders, bullous, pigmentary, epidermal appendageal, dermal disorders, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and mixed metabolic disorders, such as the porphyrias, premature ageing disorders, etc. A minor grouse is the author's impression that genetic …

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