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Your Genetic Destiny: Know Your Genes, Secure your Health, Save Your Life
  1. Joyce Wilcox Graff

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    Aubrey Milunsky. Oxford: Perseus Publishing. 2001. ISDN 0738203777.

    Genes are much in the news, creating curiosity, concern, hope, and confusion. “Contrary to what you might think, your genetic destiny is not preordained … despite our genetic blueprints, there is much we can do to secure our health - and even to save our lives or those of our loved ones” (page xiii). People who are concerned about their “genetic destiny” will find much of interest in this book. It is intended for the general public. It can be read from cover to cover, probably most often as a textbook, but lay readers will plot a course through the book that speaks to their individual interests.

    One such course might be: Preface; What you should know and why; Personal considerations and your family history; The threads of your life, explaining basic genetics; The blueprints for life chapters 6-8 (explaining inheritance); Random chapters chosen from chapters 9 to 20, depending on family issues or fears; Aging and longevity; One or more chapters from Avoidance and prevention of genetic disorders if childbearing is a concern; Genes, ethics, law, and public policy; Treatment of genetic disorders.

    The book takes a practical approach, concentrating on the information needed to prevent, avoid, and treat the disorders that may be lurking in your genes. The interaction between genes and the environment is stressed many times. “Studies of several hundred sets of twins from Sweden …

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