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Fragile X Syndrome - Diagnosis, Treatment and Research
  1. John Tolmie

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    Third edition. Editors Randi Jenssen Hagerman, Paul J Hagerman. £65.50 HB, £31.00 PB. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 2002. ISBN 0-8018-6844-0.

    This is the third edition of a book that is already well known to clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors. Probably, just as many scientists from the cytogenetic and DNA laboratories are familiar with the title. The first edition was printed in 1991, at the same time that the mutation that causes fragile X syndrome was identified. When the second edition appeared in 1996, much more could be written about the gene product, FMRP. Advances in understanding molecular and cellular changes in fragile X syndrome have proceeded, but in smaller increments in more specialised fields. The neuroscientific aspects of the syndrome are thus allotted more space in this …

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