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The Century of Mendelism
  1. Victor A McKusick

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    Editors Robert A Peel, John Timson. London: The Galton Institute. 2000. ISBN 0 950 40666 X.

    This is a collection of elegantly written, informed, and informative essays on some current issues of genetics in relation to society, health, and other matters. Most of these were papers read at the 2000 annual conference of the Galton Institute. The general topic “The Century of Mendelism” is introduced appropriately by Peter J Bowler’s “Rediscovery of Mendelism”, which expresses doubts that it really was rediscovery, but rather discovery with reversion to Mendel’s findings as support of the results.

    Bowler, like others before him starting with Curt Stern in 1967, also questions the significant of Tschermak’s role in the “rediscovery”. Mark Ridley in …

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