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De novo recurrent germline mutation of theBRCA2 gene in a patient with early onset breast cancer
  1. Rob B van der Luijta,
  2. Patrick H A van Zona,
  3. Rumó P M Jansena,
  4. Carla J M van der Sijs-Bosa,
  5. Carla C Wárlám-Rodenhuisb,
  6. Margreet G E M Ausemsa
  1. aDepartment of Medical Genetics, University Medical Centre Utrecht, KC.04.084.2, PO Box 85090, 3508 AB Utrecht, The Netherlands, bDepartment of Radiotherapy, University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands
  1. Dr van der Luijt, r.b.vanderluijt{at}


Germline mutations in either of the two major breast cancer predisposition genes, BRCA1 andBRCA2, account for a significant proportion of hereditary breast/ovarian cancer. Identification of breast cancer patients carrying mutations of these genes is primarily based on a positive family history of breast/ovarian cancer or early onset of the disease or both. In the course of mutation screening of theBRCA1 and BRCA2genes in a hospital based series of patients with risk factors for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer, we identified a germline mutation in the BRCA2 gene (3034del4) in a patient with early onset breast cancer and no strong family history of the disease. Subsequent molecular analysis in her parents showed that neither of them carried the mutation. Paternity was confirmed using a set of highly polymorphic markers, showing that the proband carried a de novo germline mutation in the BRCA2 gene. Interestingly, 3034del4 is a recurrent mutation occurring in a putative mutation prone region of the BRCA2 gene. Our study presents the first case in which a de novo germline mutation in the BRCA2 gene has been identified, and supports previous results of haplotype studies, confirming that the 3034del4 mutation has multiple independent origins.

  • breast cancer
  • BRCA2gene
  • de novo mutation

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