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Genetic Disorders and the Fetus. Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

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    Genetic Disorders and the Fetus. Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment. 4th edition. Editor Aubry Milunsky. (Pp xvii + 1074). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 1998. ISBN 0-8018-5801-1.

    This book by multiple authors has a huge remit of covering all aspects of genetic disease in the fetus, but inevitably concentrates chiefly on diagnosis, although aspects of prevention and management are included.

    Introductory chapters deal with genetic counselling and its timing in relation to pregnancy and obtaining specimens by amniocentesis and chorionic villus biopsy. The technical procedures are discussed together with good reviews of safety and failure rates. Practical techniques of both cytogenetics and molecular genetics are outlined. There are several chapters about chromosome anomalies that may be detected at prenatal diagnosis. Helpful reviews of the prognostic outlook for various abnormalities are included, such as all …

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