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A syndrome of immune complex glomerulonephritis and ophthalmic abnormalities


Two sibs (one male and one female) suffering from a combination of immune complex glomerulonephritis and various ophthalmologic disorders are presented. The two cases belong to a family in which the parents are not related and seven sibs are affected, three females and a male with the combination, and three males with severe ophthalmological changes and proteinuria. Clinically, case 2 had only ophthalmological manifestations but renal biopsy findings were similar to those of case 1, which could mean that all the others with eye abnormalities also had renal disease. Although there are several reports of combinations of eye and renal disorders, the sibs reported here do not fit into any of the known syndromes.

  • immune complex glomerulonephritis
  • ophthalmic abnormalities

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