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Anomalous right pulmonary artery origins in association with the fetal valproate syndrome
  1. C N Mo,
  2. E J Ladusans
  1. Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Hospital Road, Manchester M27 4HA, UK
  1. Dr Ladusans.


Two cases are reported of fetal valproate syndrome in association with anomalous right pulmonary artery origin. Both diagnoses were confirmed following cardiac catheterisation as echocardiography alone was inadequate to define the anatomy. Anomalous right pulmonary artery origin is extremely rare making a chance association with fetal valproate syndrome very unlikely. We recommend that anomalous pulmonary artery origin is borne in mind in patients with valproate syndrome undergoing cardiac assessment, particularly as this may be a difficult diagnosis to make on echocardiography.

  • valproate syndrome
  • hemitruncus

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