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Spastic paraplegia, optic atrophy, microcephaly with normal intelligence, and XY sex reversal: a new autosomal recessive syndrome?
  1. A S Teebi,
  2. S Miller,
  3. H Ostrer,
  4. P Eydoux,
  5. C Colomb-Brockmann,
  6. K Oudjhane,
  7. G Watters
  1. Division of Medical Genetics A-608, The Montreal Children's Hospital and McGill University, Quebec, Canada.


    Two female sibs of first cousin Iranian parents were found to have the syndrome of spastic paraplegia, optic atrophy with poor vision, microcephaly, and normal cognitive development. Karyotype analysis showed a normal female constitution in one and a male constitution (46,XY) in the other. The XY female showed normal female external genitalia, normal uterus and tubes, and streak gonads. SRY gene sequencing was normal. We conclude that the present family probably represents a new autosomal recessive trait of pleiotropic effects including XY sex reversal and adds further evidence for the heterogeneity of spastic paraplegia syndromes as well as sex reversal syndromes.

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