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A Moroccan family with autosomal recessive sensorineural hearing loss caused by a mutation in the gap junction protein gene connexin 26 (GJB2).
  1. N J Lench,
  2. A F Markham,
  3. R F Mueller,
  4. D P Kelsell,
  5. R J Smith,
  6. P J Willems,
  7. I Schatteman,
  8. H Capon,
  9. P J Van De Heyning,
  10. G Van Camp
  1. Molecular Medicine Unit, St James's University Hospital, UK.


    We report a mutation in the connexin 26 gene (Cx26) in a consanguineous Moroccan family linked to the DFNA3/DFNB1 locus on human chromosome 13q11-q12. Affected subjects display congenital, bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss. We have previously identified Cx26 mutations in consanguineous Pakistani families. This current finding indicates that Cx26 mutations are not restricted to ethnically and geographically distinct populations. This is an important observation since it will help to determine the overall contribution of connexin 26 mutations to autosomal deafness in different populations.

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