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Familial cylindromatosis mimicking tuberous sclerosis complex and confirmation of the cylindromatosis locus, CYLD1, in a large family.
  1. S Verhoef,
  2. C T Schrander-Stumpel,
  3. V D Vuzevski,
  4. A Tempelaars,
  5. L A Jansen,
  6. G A Malfeyt,
  7. T L Ceelen,
  8. D Lindhout,
  9. D J Halley,
  10. A M van den Ouweland
  1. Department of Clinical Genetics EE2422, Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Academic Hospital, Rotterdam Dijkzigt, The Netherlands.


    A large Dutch family had been known for many years to be affected with skin tumours labelled as adenoma sebaceum, which were inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. Since this skin sign is considered pathognomonic for tuberous sclerosis complex, the condition in the family was labelled accordingly, in the absence of further clinical features of tuberous sclerosis complex-like mental retardation or epilepsy. The skin changes started at early puberty with small eruptions around the nose and progressed to larger tumours, with considerable variation in severity. Some affected members had required plastic surgical reconstruction following excision. Linkage analysis in this family was performed for the two chromosomal regions involved in tuberous sclerosis complex on chromosomes 9q34 and 16p13, but no positive linkage was found. On critical re-evaluation of the clinical and pathological data and renewed assessment, the working diagnosis was changed to autosomal dominant cylindromatosis. The recently published candidate region for cylindromatosis on chromosome 16q12-13 was subsequently proven to be positively linked with a lod score of 3.02 with marker D16S308. Review of pathological specimens confirmed the diagnosis of cylindromatosis. DNA analysis of tumour tissue showed loss of heterozygosity for the cylindromatosis CYLD1 locus. These results confirm the candidate locus for cylindromatosis on chromosome 16q12-13.

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