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Hydrocephalus and Hirschsprung's disease in a patient with a mutation of L1CAM.
  1. N Okamoto,
  2. Y Wada,
  3. M Goto
  1. Department of Planning and Research, Osaka Medical Centre, Japan.


    Abnormalities of the L1CAM gene, a member of the immunoglobulin gene superfamily of neural cell adhesion molecules, are associated with X linked hydrocephalus and some allelic disorders. We describe a patient with X linked hydrocephalus and Hirschsprung's disease (HSCR) with a novel mutation in the L1CAM gene. This is the first report of HSCR with a mutant neural cell adhesion molecule. Although the disease phenotypes of this patient may well be independent, the alternative explanation that L1CAM mutations may contribute to both phenotypes cannot be excluded in view of an earlier report on another patient with both X linked hydrocephalus and HSCR.

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