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A case of Lenz microphthalmia syndrome.
  1. F F Ozkinay,
  2. C Ozkinay,
  3. H Yüksel,
  4. A Yenigun,
  5. G Sapmaz,
  6. O Aksu
  1. Department of Paedíatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ege University, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey.


    Lenz microphthalmia syndrome was first described by Lenz et al in 1955. The cardinal features of the syndrome are microphthalmia or anophthalmos, narrow shoulders, other skeletal anomalies, and dental and urogenital malformations. Here we present a case of Lenz microphthalmia syndrome who shows the typical characteristics and, additionally, dysgenesis of the corpus callosum associated with dilatation of the lateral ventricles. The patient, a 13 year old male, was referred to our hospital by a dental hospital for genetic counselling. On physical examination, height, weight, and head circumference were below the 3rd centile and he had brachymicrocephaly, a preauricular tag, microphthalmia, missing teeth, narrow shoulders, long, proximally placed thumbs, hypospadias, cryptorchidism, and a normal IQ. Ophthalmological examination showed microcornea, sclerocornea, absence of the pupil, no vision in the left eye and decreased vision and a small pupil in the right eye in addition to his bilateral microphthalmia. Cranial MRI showed dilatation of the lateral ventricles and dysgenesis of the corpus callosum.

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