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Multiple congenital anomalies including the Rieger eye malformation in a boy with interstitial deletion of (4) (q25-->q27) secondary to a balanced insertion in his normal father: evidence for haplotype insufficiency causing the Rieger malformation.
  1. A Schinzel,
  2. L Brecevic,
  3. F Dutly,
  4. A Baumer,
  5. F Binkert,
  6. R H Largo
  1. Institute of Medical Genetics, University of Zürich, Switzerland.


    A 7 year old boy with minor facial anomalies, the Rieger eye malformation, reduced vision, genital anomalies, and severe mental retardation had deletion of the segment 4q24-->q26. His phenotypically normal father had a balanced insertion of that segment into the distal long arm of chromosome 6: 46,XY,ins(6;4)(q26;q24q26). Microsatellite loci flanking the RIEG gene on 4q25 were deleted giving indirect evidence of deletion of this locus. This finding and the normal ocular findings in the insertion carrier father show that haplotype insufficiency can cause the Rieger eye malformation.

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