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An autosomal dominant syndrome of renal and anogenital malformations with syndactyly.
  1. A J Green,
  2. R N Sandford,
  3. B C Davison
  1. Department of Clinical Genetics, Addenbrooke's NHS Trust, Cambridge, UK.


    We describe a family with autosomal dominant inheritance of anal anomalies, renal tract abnormalities, genital malformations, and syndactyly. These clinical manifestations do not clearly fall into any previously described syndrome. A mother and daughter had almost identical congenital malformations, short stature, and unusual facies. The proband was born with anal stenosis, a rectovaginal fistula, clitoral hypertrophy, a pelvic right kidney, and syndactyly of both feet. Her daughter had the same anal, clitoral, and foot anomalies, a solitary pelvic kidney, and no fistula. This family is likely to represent autosomal dominant inheritance of a new combination of malformations, which may overlap with the Townes-Brocks syndrome, but does not fall into a current diagnostic category.

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