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High frequency of two mutations in codon 778 in exon 8 of the ATP7B gene in Taiwanese families with Wilson disease.
  1. L M Chuang,
  2. H P Wu,
  3. M H Jang,
  4. T R Wang,
  5. W C Sue,
  6. B J Lin,
  7. D W Cox,
  8. T Y Tai
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, ROC.


    The gene for Wilson disease (WD) has been cloned as a P type copper transporter gene (ATP7B). To elucidate the possible genetic mechanism for the diversity of clinical manifestations, we characterised 22 Taiwanese families with WD by microsatellite haplotyping of close DNA markers D13S314-D13S301-D13S316. We also screened for mutations of codon 778 in the transmembrane region. There were at least 15 haplotypes within eight broad subgroups observed among 44 WD chromosomes. Among the 22 unrelated patients, we found that six patients (27%) carried a codon 778 mutation. Nucleotide sequence analysis showed there were two different mutations: the previously reported Arg778Leu mutation in four patients and Arg778Gln, a new mutation, in two patients. The two different mutations of the same codon occurred in two distinct microsatellite haplotypes.

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