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Nijmegen breakage syndrome.
  1. I van der Burgt,
  2. K H Chrzanowska,
  3. D Smeets,
  4. C Weemaes
  1. Department of Human Genetics, University Hospital Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


    Nijmegen breakage syndrome (NBS), a rare autosomal recessive condition also known as ataxia telangiectasia (AT) variants V1 and V2, is characterised by microcephaly, typical facies, short stature, immunodeficiency, and chromosomal instability. We report the clinical, immunological, chromosomal, and cell biological findings in 42 patients who are included in the NBS Registry in Nijmegen. The immunological, chromosomal, and cell biological findings resemble those in AT, but the clinical findings are quite different. NBS appears to be a separate entity not allelic with AT.

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