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Improved genetic mapping of X linked retinoschisis.
  1. N D George,
  2. S J Payne,
  3. R M Bill,
  4. D E Barton,
  5. A T Moore,
  6. J R Yates
  1. Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Addembrooke's NHS Trust, Cambridge, UK.


    X linked retinoschisis (RS) causes poor vision in affected males owing to radial cystic changes at the macula. Genetic linkage analysis was carried out in 16 British families with X linked retinoschisis using markers from the Xp22 region. Linkage was confirmed between the RS locus and the markers DXS207 (lod score, Zmax = 17.9 at recombination fraction theta = 0.03; confidence interval for theta = 0.007-0.09), DXS1053 (Zmax = 18.0 at theta = 0.01, CI = 0.001-0.06), DXS43 (Zmax = 12.9 at theta = 0.03, CI = 0.004-0.09), DXS1195 (Zmax = 6.4 at theta = 0.00), DXS418 (Zmax = 8.2 at theta = 0.00), DXS999 (Zmax = 21.2 at theta = 0.01, CI = 0.001-0.05), DXS443 (Zmax = 14.2 at theta = 0.03, CI = 0.004-0.09), DXS365 (Zmax = 24.5 at theta = 0.008, CI = 0.001-0.04). Key recombinants placed RS between DXS43 distally and DXS999 proximally. Multipoint linkage analysis gave odds of 344:1 in favour of this location for RS and supported the map Xpter-(DXS207, DXS1053)-DXS43-1 cM-RS-1 cM-DXS999-DXS443-DXS365-DXS1052-Xcen.

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