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Chromosome 1p terminal deletion: report of new findings and confirmation of two characteristic phenotypes.
  1. K M Keppler-Noreuil,
  2. A J Carroll,
  3. W H Finley,
  4. S L Rutledge
  1. Department of Pediatrics, University of Alabama at Birmingham 35294-2050, USA.


    We report three unrelated patients with small terminal deletions involving 1p36.22-->pter that occurred de novo and compare our patients to the 10 previously reported cases. Although our patients have an identical cytogenetic deletion, patients 1 and 2 share similar clinical features that differ substantially from patient 3. Our patients confirm the existence of two characteristic phenotypes in 1p36.22-->pter deletion. Both phenotypes share some dysmorphic features, but are differentiated by characteristics of growth failure versus macrosomia. In addition, we report the new finding of cardiomyopathy and hydrocephalus in the phenotype associated with growth failure. It is possible that different phenotypic subgroups may exist because of differences in the parental origins of the deleted chromosome or of variations in undetectable amounts of genetic material.

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