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Chromosomal localisation of a Y specific growth gene(s).
  1. T Ogata,
  2. K Tomita,
  3. A Hida,
  4. N Matsuo,
  5. Y Nakahori,
  6. Y Nakagome
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.


    Although a Y specific growth gene(s) has been postulated in the Yq11 region, the precise location has not been determined. To localise the growth gene(s), we correlated genotype with stature in 13 Japanese and four European non-mosaic adult male patients with a partial Yq deletion. Fourteen patients preserving the region between DYS11 and DYS246 did not have short stature (11 Japanese, 165-180 cm; three Europeans, 165-173 cm) whereas the remaining three patients with the region deleted had short stature (two Japanese, both 159 cm; one European, 157 cm). The results suggest that the region defined by DYS11 at interval 5C and by DYS246 at interval 5D may be the critical region for the Y specific growth gene(s).

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