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A fetus with an X;1 balanced reciprocal translocation and eye disease.
  1. M J Seller,
  2. K Pal,
  3. S Horsley,
  4. A F Davies,
  5. A C Berry,
  6. R Meredith,
  7. A C McCartney
  1. South East Thames Regional Genetics Centre, Guy's Hospital, London, UK.


    A 19 week female fetus is described with a de novo X;1 reciprocal balanced translocation, with the breakpoint on the X chromosome at Xp11.4, and eye pathology consistent with the early stages of Norrie disease. The fetus seems to be an example of a female manifesting an X linked recessive disease, and it was shown that the normal X chromosome was completely inactivated in all cells examined. Norrie disease has been mapped to Xp11.3, and fluorescence in situ hybridisation studies showed that the Norrie disease gene had not obviously been disrupted. Mutation screening by SSCP analysis showed no aberrant fragments of the coding region of the gene. Several eye disease genes map to the same region of the X chromosome, but are excluded on grounds of pathology. One possibility is that this fetus has a Norrie-like eye disease caused by the mutation of another gene located at Xp11.4. If this is so, there are implications for prenatal diagnosis.

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