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Genomic rearrangements in childhood spinal muscular atrophy: linkage disequilibrium with a null allele.
  1. R J Daniels,
  2. L Campbell,
  3. N R Rodrigues,
  4. M J Francis,
  5. K E Morrison,
  6. M McLean,
  7. A MacKenzie,
  8. J Ignatius,
  9. V Dubowitz,
  10. K E Davies
  1. Institute of Molecular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford, UK.


    Autosomal recessive childhood onset spinal muscular atrophy has been mapped to chromosome 5q13. We report the analysis of a polymorphic microsatellite which shows linkage disequilibrium with the disease. The linkage disequilibrium is observed with a null allele which is seen as the non-inheritance of alleles from one or both parents. The inheritance of a null allele was observed in 26 out of 36 (72%) informative childhood onset spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) families tested, of all types of severity and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. In seven families segregating for the severe Werdnig-Hoffmann or SMA type I, no alleles were inherited from either parent using this microsatellite. This null allele may represent a deletion which is either closely associated with, or causes, the disease.

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